Happy Blackout Weekend!

But as the day drew nearer and the whole of my tumblr-sphere got increasingly excited; fan art was made and confetti was thrown, and it eventually wore me down. All week long, my mind was on March 6th. And it did not disappoint.


Redefining Beauty

I have heard many people quote the famous phrase ‘Beauty is in the eye of beholder’ in order to explain how beauty is different to everybody and how no one is really ugly, they just simply have not met the person who finds their features appealing. Well, no offense to these compassionate beings, but I humbly disagree.

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Je suis Charlie?

I understand that humour has always been about pushing the barriers and injecting jest into serious topics to make it easier to talk about in society, but there is always a fine line between jest and disrespect. Free speech should be respected but so should the beliefs of others.

Discussion: The Faces of Feminism

Hey Readers, First I’d like to start off on a personal note with an apology. You can choose to skip this part and go straight onto the juicy stuff or you can get your hankies out and have a little cry with me. Apology: Since I have started this new abrasive blog revamp, I have…

Discussion: Sex

Sex sells. So they tell me. And maybe that’s the reason I chose this post to open up my new blog. Maybe its the reason you clicked this link in the first place. I see you. We all know that if you look closely enough, sex is everywhere. In TV ads, in movies, magazines, books,…