Thoughts on Baltimore Riots

I think I’m past anger now. Riots broke out once again in Baltimore over police killing of a Freddie Gray. I didn’t  even want

"His use of non violence was intelligent tactic, not the seeking of "peace"."

“His use of non violence was intelligent tactic, not the seeking of “peace”.”

to find out the facts or hear the back story because we know it’s all the same story. Yet another black male was arrested under unclear charges, suffered excessive police force (spine was severed and was comatose, injuries medics said was consistent with severe trauma ), and is now dead while a few officers are given paid suspension and basically  let off scot free.

It angers me that after all this, the police force aren’t ashamed of themselves

It angers me that black  people are scared to even visit America let alone have children there because they fear for their lives

It sickens me that in 2015, racism and white supremacy is still stronger than ever. And those that are speaking out would rather support living in “peace” with people who continuously try to exterminate us, than fight back.

And let’s not forget that the real tragedy here is that the life of a black man was yet again taken by the police force who were met with little to no repercussions. THAT is the real tragedy that continues to replay over and over like the worst nightmare of a praying black mother.

Looting and riots are NOT the real tragedy. They’re the by – product of one. They’re the outcry of a people who are sick of being treated like their lives don’t matter.

“Respect existence or expect resistance”

That statement is so true here because the truth is, in the interest of promoting  some people’s idea of peace, you have to pretend black lives don’t matter.

These people with their false sense of peace are the same people who hold MLK as their leader. But from what I’ve read (which is more than the ‘I have a dream’ speech), MLK used non violence as a tactic, rather than a means to peace. He realised though the natural human response to the lynching of a people is unbridled understandable  anger; if we go a little bit past that anger, if we can manage to restrain ourselves and fight back without force, racist America will finally have to see themselves as the problem. They can no longer vilify black people a means to justify their lynching. They can no longer hold us up to be the barbaric ones, which they do anyway, because they have no charges to pin against us.

His use of non violence was intelligent tactic, not the seeking of “peace”. True peace is justice. And unfortunately, anger can not always be reigned in for the sake of intelligent tactic. Only a powerful leader can help us do that. Till then I understand the anger, and I pray people see it for what it is and not use it as another excuse to lynch or condemn our people.

Praying for Baltimore


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