Join the Conversation (New Blog!)

join the conversation 1      First off, I’d like to start by saying ‘Happy New Year’ !!! Late I know, but since this is my first post of 2014 (due to a very hectic exam season), I thought it might be appreciated.

I’ve been trying to resist this whole ‘New year, new me’ mantra (why improve perfection?), but I realise and appreciate that a new year brings a chance to re-evaluate; re-think old ideas and reset for the future. So instead of a new year, new me, I thought I’d change it up a little and do a ‘New year, New blog’.

Though the second year workload hasn’t allowed me to be as consistent as I should, I have somehow got quite a number of posts up here (have a read, won’t you?) all on various topics from ‘The Illuminati conspiracy’ to ‘Places to visit around London’ and though I have thoroughly enjoyed writing all of them, I think what this blog is lacking, is a voice. A purpose.

It’s all well and good putting thoughts on paper (so to speak) but one of the many things, I think, that separates the greats from the merely talented, is vision. They use their gift to say something meaningful. They use their gift to fuel their passion. They use their gift to change the world.

I read a quote once that was something like:

“The first step to changing your world is to change the culture. To model and demonstrate the type of world you demand to live in. Then write the books, make the music, shoot the films, paint the art”.

So I was thinking, as the clock counted down to midnight, what is the world I want to see? And in what way can I use this blog to get others to see it too?

join the conversation 2

And then it hit me: discussion. One of the things I love to do, and also encourage others to do is discuss issues. Discuss, debate, argue, speak out! Have conversations about the issues that bother you. There are so many things plaguing our communities and generation today and though you may not be old enough to vote or too cool to send letters to your local politician or haven’t quite figured out how twitter works yet, one thing we can all do, even in our small circles, is discuss. Our words are the most powerful tools we have. By having conversations with others about the hard topics, we get to:

  • Bring the issue to the forefront of people’s minds
  • Hear different viewpoints and maybe even solutions to the same topic
  • Open people’s eyes to reality and maybe change someone’s world view
  • Fire people up to  make changes in themselves and those around them
  • Change the world one mind at a time

Before there was ever a revolution, there was a conversation. So starting from 1st February, I’ll be using this blog to discuss topics such as politics, race, sexuality, religion, celebrity culture and more. I’ll present a few views to you in the hopes to draw out yours.

Comment, email, tweet, Facebook me your thoughts. And please won’t you:

Join the Conversation


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