On Solitude…

“In the Silence, you hear the Truth, and see the Solutions”   – Deepak Chopra

solitude_720I think its hard for people, especially young people, to understand that I may actually like being left alone.  ‘Alone’ is a word, almost akin to illness, said with pity and trepidation, in a way that forces us to rush and make friends with people we have no business knowing, just so we’re not diagnosed with the illness of  being ‘alone’.

Back when I was a much younger lass, I used to associate with the craziest characters, barely hanging off the edge off some social groups, desperate to find someone to walk to the shops with or have lunch with, just so I’m not seen as a social outcast. And as a result, I was poisoned by the wrong influences and ideologies, to the point where I had to avoid people that I’d now called friends, in an attempt to right my wrong.

And this became a much too common occurrence, till I had to decide not to fear this word I’d been taught to avoid at all costs. I had to learn to be alone. And after I did, I learnt something very interesting:

solitude 2      See when I was younger, I was under the impression that I was the one desperate to surround myself with friends who did or did not want me, but now I see they needed me just as much as I needed them. Ergo, now that I’m comfortable, even dare I say, happy being by myself, I see people everywhere, constantly trying to make feigned and awkward conversation with each other, despite completely opposite interests, in a desperate attempt not to be seen alone.

Well I say, embrace solitude! Stick some headphones in, read a book, enjoy your own company! It allows you to be more selective about your friends, to be able to go to new and exciting places without having to wait for someone to be interested/available and to value and really listen to your own inner thoughts. Practice solitude in a world with such empty noise, and trust me, you’ll be glad you did.


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