All things are possible

Heyyy lovers and listeners! I have received an idea for a new blog post, which will be up very soon, but for now, I thought I’d whet your appetite with more poetry. Post anything you would like to see in the comments section below. Oh and… enjoy! 😉

All Things are Possible

Inspire me to hope

Inspire me to dream

Inspire me to believe, the world I have spent so long crafting

So desperately seeking

So passionately craving

Is possible.

– – –

Convince me that my inadequate meal

Of 5 loaves and 2 fish

Can feed a whole nation.

– – –

Show me that an envied shepherd’s boy

Can become the pharaoh of Egypt

– – –

That the smallest runt of a distinguished litter

Can slay a giant;

Rise up and be king.

– – –

My hope is waning,

My dream is fading,

I can feel my heart settling,

I can feel my eyes opening.

– – –

Don’t turn off my dream.

Don’t shut down my world.

All things are possible; right?


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