For National Poetry Day, I decided to put up my most recent poem, to kick off the brand spanking new ‘Poetry’ category that can be found to the left   <——


If you are my undoing
Let me be undone

The flames burning in your copper eyes
Threaten to consume me
The golden honey I taste on your sweet lips
Almost overwhelms me
When your hands move slowly over my yearning body
I feel every stitch of my resolve, falling to pieces

When you say you want me
'I want you'
When your tongue reaches out to feel what you will soon claim as your own
When the corner of your mouth smoothly rises
In that devilish grin that does things to my senses,
I feel every fight I ever put up slowly dissipating
As I realise I'm drowning in your ectasy

You are my earth
You are my reward
You are my weakness

So if you are my undoing
Let me be undone

If you are my unraveling
I'm already torn

If you are a sweet melody
Let me be your song

These lips will never again cry out for another
You are the only one

Let me be undone

Let me be undone.

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