Letter to a former me

For those of you that have read previous blog posts, you’ll know that one of the bloggers that often inspire my profound lines of thought (as good writers should) is Miss Tobi, who has a tumblr page, containing some of the best posts I have read. And she has done it again, provoking me to travel back in time (Yes, she even has special powers like that) and write a letter to my 16-year old self, following the letter that artist Frank Ocean wrote to his former self. Miss Tobi’s letter can be found here and mine can be found just underneath here. Nope, not there, a little to your… yep, you got it. Enjoy!

Dear 16-year old Konyin

I am writing this to you in the future, almost 5 years later actually, and if they ever perfect the art of time travel, I hope you will find this amusing, inspiring and somewhat hopeful.

So let me give you the happy hapz ( don’t worry, I don’t use words like that in public… any more). I know you’re stressing right now about your exam goals and the promises God made you. Well I’m here to tell you, he doesn’t disappoint, he delivers. I know you’re afraid to believe, but this is just the beginning of the miracles God will perform in your life. Just don’t forget to share your testimony whenever you get the chance.

As for your friends, they will change. Don’t worry, you’ll still keep in touch with the ones that you need to, but God will usher in a whole new level of friendship you never dreamed was possible. They will become like family, a well to share your deepest fears and secrets and a platform to encourage you to be your best self. Oh and you’ll finally have ears to hear all the stories and poems you so frequently scribble down.

Speaking of writing, that book you wrote, heads up, may never leave your laptop. But don’t worry, there’s more coming. All I’m saying  is don’t ignore the sense of purpose you feel when you write. I’m not saying you’ll be a singer/songwriter/rapper/poet/author but I’m just saying, don’t ignore it. It may take you places.

The one you’ve been waiting for; the boy. You may need to sit down for this. All I will say is, it won’t end in wedding bells. But don’t worry, the pain you feel will pass. The longing you feel will go away. It won’t be the end of the world, but a whole new beginning. You will get over it, yes you heard me, you will get over him and even be able to be friends, but honey, where you’re going, he just can’t come. I’m not saying we’ve gotten there yet, but trust me, he cannot come. Maybe God will bring that guy someday, maybe he’ll give you the strength to stand on your own, all that don’t matter. Right now, just enjoy the ride and ‘forgerrabourrit’, in the words of every movie  Italian mob gangster.

I know you’re scared about what the future may hold, but you have come a long way in almost 5 years. The course that you were scared to apply for (let me not give spoilers), the fear you felt about publishing your work, the fear about the outcome of your exams, the worry about the future of your friendships, relationships, ambitions, everything; just stop. He’s got you in the palm of his hand and as you’re dreaming, God’s  making sure the right dreams come true, while shaping you into the person worthy of those dreams. Don’t fret about relationships, when and if the time is right, they will happen. The one thing you need to know and the only line you really need to remember is this: you are amazing. You are a star, and you have a very bright future ahead of you; and you don’t need a man or anybody else to tell you so.

Keep believing, keep dreaming and keep working hard (and please, get involved in some extra-curricular activities)


Your future self

So….what would your letter say? Reply with your letters and I’ll reblog.


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