Screams From The Basement

{Just wrote this one. Forgive me if I’m rusty}

Screams from the Basement


‘I’m ok’

You sell a smile you hope no-one will buy

Crying tears on the inside

Hoping that someone finds that screaming little girl

Trapped in the basement

‘No, seriously, I’m ok’

The girl cries out

Muffled through tape that has been tightened over her mouth

She’s not allowed to speak

She’s not allowed to scream

She’s not allowed to cry.

‘But how are you though?’

Shift the conversation

Cos this person is looking way too deep into your eyes

And if you’re not careful, soon he’ll discover

That it’s all a poorly crafted lie

Soon he’ll see the girl in the basement

And tell her that her tears are valid

He’ll put his arms around her

And remove the ropes that bind her

He’ll tell her it’s all gonna be ok

And give her the most destructive of emotions:


‘I’m telling you I’m fine! Please, stop asking’

So he stops.

And just like that…

So do the screams

Coming from the basement.


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