Qu’est-ce que j’adore?

Seeing all these ’10 ways to live happy’ posts on tumblr inspired me to put up this poem that I wrote quite a while ago.


Qu’est-ce que j’adore?

What do I love?

I love the sounds at the crack of dawn

I love the colours the skies paint at sunset

   I love the feeling of grains, of sand, of dirt.

I love when children come out with words so profound

Yet don’t realise it

I love when people discover who they are

I love when people find their voice

And become who they were meant to be.

I love inspiration

I love perspiration

I love love LOVE laughter

The euphoria it brings, creating sweet memories to last a lifetime

But who do I love?

I live in the love of my father

I know people go on about him

But it is honestly because he’s worth it

He has a hold on people, bigger than Beyonce

And the feeling you get when you realise he loves you

No matter WHAT you do

…..You can’t explain it

…..You can’t describe it

And you try to scribble down some song or poem or drawing

Kinda like I’m doing now

But once you’re done, there’s always that little bit of sadness

Cos you know that what you’ve done

Will never be able to fully express

Your love.

So who do I love?

Who else is there?

But the God who is.


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