Baby’s first steps

butterfliesSo after a general ‘welcome note’ summary, I thought I’d tell you a bit more about myself. Not in an ‘awkward-first-date’ way, but in more of a ‘I-saw-you-from-across-the-web-and-thought-maybewe-could-be-friends’ way.

So… *ahem*…hi. How are you? Good? Great!

Oh, how am I??


I’ve just completed a challenge I set myself in 2012. To leave all social networking sites for a whole year and see the effect it had on my life/ thought process. The aim was really to get out of my head and live a little. It had gotten up to the point where every thought I had was chopped and screwed into 140 characters before being considered valid and no internet browser was complete without a facebook tab open. I was losing my mind.

Not in a ‘call the men in white suits’ kind of way, but my thoughts were no longer my own. The obsessive need to put all my musings/wonderings/rantings out there for the world wide web to read, meant I no longer had thoughts of my own. I would assess a thought based on how many retweets or facebook likes I thought it would get, or how many followers I could get off the back of it. No thought was chewed, appreciated, indulged. Like a greesy big mac in the states, it was gulped down and quickly passed out (lovely imagery).

So I thought I’d take some time out. To get to know myself, away from the glaring eyes of the ‘social networkers’. Get to know my own thoughts and opinions, not influenced by the flippant remarks we too often see on here, but simply shone under the light of my own morals, ethics and influences. I learnt the integrity of personal thought.

I also wrote. A whole lot. I’ve been writing different things since I was a wee lass; stories, songs, even a short play once, and my sister coined the word ‘lyricist’ in a description of me. I wore it. I liked it. It suited me.

I have a love for words, language, communication and all that jazz, but more so, I have a love for expression. The idea that human emotion and all our complex states of being can be encapsulated so beautifully and so precisely in a prose is so very amazing to me, that it drives me to my journal every time.

So far, I’ve shared these writings amongst friends (who, to be honest, love me too much to tell me how bad I am) and some family members I had to wear down, but after almost a decade and about 6 full notebooks, I feel like it may be time to take it to the streets (so to speak).

So over the next few weeks, I will be sharing the poetry I’ve penned in the last year, which basically documents the ups and downs of my mood, written in the absence of a critical internet community. Maybe with a picture or two. Cos visual aids never hurt anyone

As always, all thoughts, comments and questions welcome.


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